Joseph & Son Company was founded in mid-2012, when Joseph and his son Ivan decide to embark in the challenge of designing, manufacturing and commercializing the first ever pannier rack that is specifically designed to work in full suspension mountain bikes that is not just an add-on or a poor adaptation of a traditional rack.

Ivan is a seasoned product designer with more than 8 years of experience in design and design consultancy at an international level, currently working in the San Francisco bay area. Joseph is a passionate sculptor with a Fine arts degree with diverse relevant pieces distributed across the Spanish geography. But father and son share one common passion; they are bot avid mountain bike riders since the early 90’s.

Being both creative minds took this challenge in part to give back to the cycling sport, a sport that has provided them with so many amazing experiences, as riders and as family, but also they have done it because they believe in a different innovation model in the cycling world.

Usually all the sports related innovation follows a top-down model in which all the Pro’s benefit from the latest innovations that get really diluted when make it to the everyday cyclist, and J&S is about to change that.

Even with a harsh economy, they invested most of the time outside their respective day jobs and a good part of their savings to undertake this entrepreneurship adventure.

Hundreds of happy customers in the Spanish territory already ride with “ElBurro” in their mountain touring adventures, a product that is been thoroughly tested and offers innovations that are cutting edge in the bicycle panniers segment. Everything designed and hand made in a little town from Valencia, Spain.

Ride with us!