Frequently asked questions:

1- What kind of MTB is this product designed for?

Any, our design and different mount kits make ElBurro compatible with almost any full suspension bike out there besides fatbikes and 27.5 plus tire sizes.


2- Can I use it on a hardtail?

Yes, you will still benefit from an extra protection of your frame.


3- What wheel size?

Our product is designed for 26", 27.5" and 29", still not available for Fatbikes and 27.5plus tire sizes.


4- What type of axle?

ElBurro can be mounted on 9mm QR wheels and any wheel based on the X12 standard ( DT Swiss, Syntace, Shimano, Specialized…)

Before ordering you will have to take into account what kind of thru axle you have in your bike. Noting the type of socket and the type of thread.

Socket: Flat, Conical, no socket.

Thread: normal (12/1.75), medium (12/1.5), fine (12/1.00)

We can also design a custom made solution for your frame on request, write to and send plenty of photos.


5-Can I use it on a bike with ABP/ORBEA/GIANT axles?

Yes you can, just order the right kit, “ElBurro AOT”



 Available in all colors as lon as they are black or white.


6-is it tough enough?

 “El Burro” is made with 7000 and 6000 series aluminum with stainless steel bolts, and then powdercoated, so it´s pretty tough and durable, probably you will change your bike before needing a new one.



“El Burro” weights a hair more than 1.3kg. 



Maximum of 25 kg / 50 pounds.


9-It´s been tested enough?: 

Besideds all the static and dynamic load tests at the Polytechnic university of Valencia and AIMME it has already crossed Spain, El camino de Santiago, The Alps, The Amazon Jungle, Silk route and uncountable miles of single tracks, fire roads and whatever our users have thrown at it without a single breakage.


10- Can I put a baby chair on it?

No. We are not a baby transport company and we are strongly against baby chairs, get a trolley instead or a cargo bike.


11-Problems ordering?

Clear your cache and try again, if it does not work contact us: